Spain has gone mad recently for gin, becoming the world’s biggest consumer per head of population.

Instead of the tall glass, gin-tonics are served in a goblet and, rather than an apéritif, are drunk after dinner or as an accompaniment to tapas. Of course, you can always enjoy them on their own!

50ml of gin is served over ice with Fever-Tree tonic in a 20 oz goblet, each with its own garnish.


Fred Sleap - Strawberry gin


London Dry style from quintuple distillation with 11 botanicals including liquorice and chestnut. Garnished with juniper, lime and cinnamon stick


London Dry style from Cantabria, hand made in small batches with 12 botanicals including the indigenous rock tea. Garnished with juniper, orange and lemon

Gin Mare  

Mediterranean gin from Catalonia with the main botanicals thyme, basil, rosemary and arbequina olive. Garnished with rosemary, orange and olives

Sikkim gins are distilled with red tea from the Sikkim region of Tibet

Sikkim Privée  

London Dry style with juniper, coriander and flower essences. Garnished with juniper, coriander seed and lime

Sikkim Bilberry  

Botanicals include blackberries, iris, blueberries, coriander and bitter orange. Garnished with blueberries, coriander seed and orange

Sikkim Fraise  

Distilled with juniper, forest strawberries, cranberrries and bitter orange. Garnished with strawberry, cranberry and orange