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They may be new, or the return of an old favourite.

Speciality Dishes

Cordero con Pimientos Rojos y Rioja  £7.25
fillet of lamb cooked in red wine with roasted peppers

Carilleras en Jerez  £6.50
 pork cheeks cooked in a sherry sauce, garnished with almonds and parsley



Solomillo y Beicon Picados con Salsa Verde  £7.25
chopped sirloin steak fried with bacon and onions, served with a piquant green sauce

Salteado de Pez Espada con Tomatitos  £6.95
strips of swordfish pan-fried with roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic and coriander

Gambas Salteadas con Sobrasada Negra  £7.25
king prawns sautéed with Majorcan sobrasada



Ànec amb Sobrassada i Mel   £6.50
Mallorcan-style breast of duck with honey and sobrasada sauce

Canape de Queso de Cabra  £6.75
canapé of goat’s cheese with chorizo, sobrassada, red onion and piquillo peppers

Queso de Cabra Frito con Miel  £6.75
deep-fried goat’s cheese with orange blossom honey, chorizo and red onion

Traditional Tapas

Albóndigas en Salsa (dulce o picante)
pork and beef meatballs in a tomato sauce (mild or spicy)   £5.25

Garbanzos con Chorizo
chickpeas with chorizo, bacon and tomato   £5.25

Chorizo al Vino
smoked chorizo sausage cooked in red wine   £5.75

Patatas con Chorizo
potatoes fried in olive oil with chorizo and bacon   £5.25

Pollo con Ajo y Limón
strips of chicken fillet cooked with garlic and lemon   £5.25

Pollo con Chorizo
chicken with sliced chorizo cooked in a tomato and red pepper salsa   £5.25

Mejillones a la Marinera
mussels in white wine with garlic and parsley   £5.25

Calamares a la Romana
deep-fried squid rings served with alioli   £5.50

Patatas Bravas
fried potatoes in a smooth spicy tomato salsa   £4.95

Papas con Alioli
spicy potato wedges served with a garlic mayonnaise dip   £4.95

Huevos Rotos
fried potatoes with eggs, garlic and smoked paprika   £5.50

Champiñones al Ajillo
mushrooms fried with garlic, sherry and parsley   £4.95

Berenjenas Fritas
sliced aubergine fried in beer batter and served with tomato & red pepper salsa   £5.25

Berenjenas Gratinadas
slices of aubergine topped with melted cheese, tomato and herbs   £5.25

Garbanzos con Espinacas
Chickpeas with spinach and tomato   £4.95

Pimientos de Piquillo Rellenos de Arroz
Roasted red peppers stuffed with red onion, pepper and tomato rice  £5.25


Cold Tapas & Pa amb Oli

Selección de Embutidos
serrano ham, chorizo, salchichón and lomo, served with olive oil breadsticks   £9.75

Jamón Ibérico
Pata negra – ham from free-range acorn-fed black pigs, served with olive oil breadsticks   £8.95

Plato para Compartir
sharing platter – selection of meats, selection of cheeses, olives, breadsticks, quince paste and garlic mayonnaise   £15.95

fresh white anchovy fillets marinated in vinegar and oil   £6.25

Pa amb Oli
Mallorcan-style bread rubbed with garlic and tomato and drizzled with olive oil  £4.95

with serrano ham and manchego cheese   £6.95

with sobrasada (Mallorcan sausage)  £6.95


Contemporary Tapas

Dados de Solomillo al Ajillo
Seville-style diced sirloin in a garlic and sherry sauce   £6.50

Mallorcan pork and spinach patties, served with an alioli dip   £5.25

Montadito de Morcilla
 canapé of fried black pudding   £5.75

Pollo Rebozado con Miel y Moztaza
 chicken in batter drizzled with honey and mustard   £5.50

Pollo a la Crema
 chicken with mushrooms in a cream and brandy sauce   £5.50

Pollo y Chorizo a la Crema
chicken and chorizo with red onions in a cream and bandy sauce   £5.75

Pinchitos de Pollo
 mini kebabs of chicken marinated in a blend of herbs and spices   £5.25

Croquetas de Pollo
 chicken croquettes, served with dips   £5.75

Atún Encebollada
 tuna steak with onions, green peppers and white wine   £6.50

Gambas a la Gabardina
 king prawns in an overcoat of light batter, served with salsa verde   £6.95

Pinchitos Sierra y Mar
 mini kebabs of breaded king prawn and chorizo   £6.25

Queso Manchego Frito
 bite-size cubes of deep-fried breaded manchego cheese with a selection of dips   £6.75

Medley of king prawns, squid and mussels in a white wine and tomato sauce   £6.50




Sizzling Platters

Gambas Pil Pil   £8.25
king prawns with garlic and chilli

Pollo con Beicon al Ajillo   £6.75
chicken and bacon with garlic

Filete de Ternera al Vino Tinto   £7.25
sliced fillet steak with red wine sauce

Pollo a lo Papá   £7.25
chicken with king prawns

Pollo con Chorizo a la Plancha  £6.75
chicken and sliced chorizo













Pan Fresco   £1.50
a basket of fresh bread

Pan de Ajo   £2.95
garlic bread

Pan de Ajo con Queso   £3.95
cheesy garlic bread

Aceitunas Mixtas   £4.25
a selection of olives with alioli

Ensalada Casera   £5.50
mixed salad with dressing

Selección de Quesos   £5.50
a selection of Spanish cheeses


Alioli  75p
garlic mayonnaise

Mayonesa de Limón  75p
lemon and herb mayonnaise

Salsas Roja  95p
slightly spicy red mojo-style sauce

Salsa Verde  95p
zingy green mojo-style sauce


Chocolate Cheesecake   £4.95
home-made chocolate cheesecake served with cream or ice cream


A selection of Spanish Cheeses   £5.50
served with quince paste and breadsticks


Allergy Advice: Information regarding allergens present in our dishes is available upon request